Friday, January 18, 2008

Dallin Joseph Walker

He is here!!! We are so excited that Dallin has finally joined our family. He was born yesterday, January 17th. Jen and I went into the hospital at about 7:30 in the morning and he was born about 2:30 in the afternoon. Jen had a difficult time as her epidural only took on her right side (which has been a trend for her) and she was basically feeling everything on that side as she progressed from a "4" to an "8+" in the span of about 15 minutes. All I can say is that I find my wife to be amazing, and a little scary (which I like). She was so tough, ("... she may be skinny, but she's strong. Her second baby come out sideways and she didn't scream or nothing..."). To try to alleviate Jen's pain, the nurses gave her some more medicine shortly before delivery which had the dual effect of making her feel sick and "out of it." It was several hours after delivery before she started to feel better.

Today, Jen and Dallin are both doing well. He has been sleepy for most of the day, but he has had a few bright-eyed moments that we have really enjoyed. At birth he was 7 lbs 12 oz and 20.5 inches long. Not too shabby! He looks like a long lean basketball player. He has lots of curly black hair that his big sisters are anxious to style for him. Jen and I think that he has a future in Republican presidential politics because he is puffy and twitchy like John McCain and throws temper tantrums like Ron Paul when he doesn't get his way.

Most fun of all has been watching Emmy react to her new little brother. She is very excited to have a baby to play with. (She has not yet figured out that her days as the center of attention are over) She is so sweet to him, though she has a difficult time containing her enthusiasm and often ends up squealing loudly in his ear or jabbing at his soft spot. I think it is good for him. Without older brothers, Emily is our best resource for toughening this kid up for pee-wee football.

Overall, everyone is doing well. We are so excited to add some testosterone to the family, and we feel very blessed that Jen and Dallin are both in good condition. Another entry to the long list of things for which we are thankful.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The Holidays: A Recap

Now that the holidays are over, it is time to recap the wonderful time that we had. The biggest event for us was Becky's birthday and baptism. We invited some of her friends to Charles E' Fromage (Chuck E Cheese), for a birthday party, and then on the Saturday after Christmas she was baptized and confirmed. Grammy Walker gave a great talk about the Holy Ghost, and Uncle Tony talked about baptism. Becky did great with all of it; she even endured the freezing cold water in the font!

The girls had a great Christmas. JJ received the Leapster she asked for, and has not put it down since. It was fun to watch Emmy get into Christmas this year. Once she figured out that there were toys inside all the wrapped presents she attacked them with the gusto of a hobo on a bologna sandwich. It was a great day.

We enjoyed having Mom and Beth out here for a few days, but it felt way too short. While we love Virginia, we do miss our families. Particularly at times like this. It was great to have a few people here for the baptism.

All told, we had a wonderful Christmas break and hope all of you did as well.

BYU in the SEC?

There has been a lot of talk about BYU moving conferences to the PAC-10, or, more likely, the WAC. (This all due to the fact that the Mountain West Commissioner Craig Thompson runs the conference like a delusional Iranian political leader) However, after seeing the final AP poll I think the Cougars could do far better. The poll showed:

12. Tennessee
13. Florida
14. BYU (Rise and shout!)
15. Auburn

BYU is surrounded by some of the heavyweights of the SEC. Clearly, the AP thinks this is where BYU belongs, and who are we to disagree with the omnipotence of the AP? I think we could fare at least as well as Ohio State does against the SEC. I understand that it would be difficult to square BYU's location in Utah with the South East Conference geographical designation. To solve this problem, we could move the BYU football facilities to Monticello, at least then BYU would be playing in the South East corner of Utah. I know this is a stretch, but if BYU were in the SEC, then I could watch BYU football on TV. Whatever it takes, right?

Monday, January 7, 2008

Finals: Update

I finished my finals on December 21. (Woo-hoo!!! 4 whole days to enjoy the Christmas season without the pressure of finals.) I know that those of you with real jobs probably had less time than this, but I still feel justified in my rant. My last final was the one which I was most nervous about - Structuring Venture Capital and Entrepreneurial Transactions from Professor Ginsburg. (No, not that Ginsburg...the husband of that Ginsburg) This class is regarded as one of the more difficult classes because it is a mix of corporate, tax, securities, bankruptcy and business law. I expected that this test would work me over, but it didn't. Which is why I am so nervous about what my grade will be. I can't escape the nagging feeling that I missed the whole point of the test and that is why it was not as difficult as anticipated. Unfortunately, I have to wait a few more weeks before grades are posted. I guess at that time I will give my third and final post regarding finals to let everyone know if I will be graduating in May or not. (Amy is offering 2:1 odds on not)