Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Dallin's first day of Preschool!

Dallin started Preschool today. I enrolled him in a two day a week program this year. He was so excited to go to school just like his big sisters. On the way home when I asked him how his morning was he said, "It was great! I loved it!"
But just a few minutes later he got quiet and said, "Mom, I missed you so much."
Talk about melt my heart!!!!!

Saturday, September 10, 2011


So it has rained all day (and all night) every day this week which has resulted in major flooding all along the east coast. They say catastrophes come in three's. First the earthquake, then the hurricane, now this. I'm hoping this is the last of our weather catastrophes for a while. Luckily we haven't had any flooding in our house, but I know some people in our area who have not been so lucky. It didn't seem so bad until I ventured out to go to an appointment. Tommy's been pretty sick with a respiratory infection and I finally decided a trip to the doctor was a must. It took me twice as long to get to the office because several of the roads were closed due to flooding.

Here is a blurry picture of the "reservoir" in our back yard:

It seems like things are drying up this weekend though. Yay! It's been so nice to actually see the sun again. Tommy's doing better too. He's been on antibiotics and a nebulizer for a few days and it's really helping.

I couldn't help taking a picture of Tommy with his little breathing mask on. Is this little face sweet or what?

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

First Day of School!

School Supplies......$200

New School Clothes......$190

Co-pay for immunizations and physicals......$30

Only two kids at home during the day........Priceless!

Gotta love the first week of School!!!!!!

This year is a big one for us. Becky starts middle school!!!!! And Emmy starts Kindergarten.
*sigh* .................I can't believe how grown up all three of my girls are getting.

Monday, September 5, 2011

One Last Hoorah

The Ahren's invited us down to their lake house on Lake Anna last weekend. We spent the day swimming, tubing, wake boarding, and just relaxing on the water. We all had such a great time. It was the perfect way to end the summer.