Thursday, November 17, 2011

A Preschool Thanksgiving Feast!

Dallin is really enjoying his preschool class this year. His class is very small. Only four kids, and he's the only boy! He doesn't seem to mind though. They have been working on some cute songs and finger plays. Tommy and I went to watch his program and then have a Thanksgiving feast of chicken nuggets and tater-tots!!!! The kids thought it was great!

I learned that Dallin has no problem with stage fright. He sang his little heart out! You could hear him above all the other girls!! I loved it!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Halloween was lots of fun this year. The kids got really creative with their pumpkin carvings.

Becky carved this pirate skull:
JJ carved a halloween cat:

Emmy (and Mom) carved Cinderella:
Dallin (and Dad) carved Iron Man:

Between school activities, church activities, and Halloween day itself, it was like "musical costumes" around our house.

Last week was the Halloween Dance at Becky's school. She dressed like a Devil. If you ask me, she's the cutest little Devil I've ever seen. :) It was Becky's first time going to a school dance. She was so excited! She and her best friend Lauren went together.

Her favorite part of her costume was the red eyelashes.

For our ward trunk-or-treat the big girls went together as dice. Emmy was Cinderella. Dallin was a BYU football player. And Tommy was a Bat. I somehow missed taking pictures of everyone so you'll just have to take my word for it when I tell you they all looked adorable.

For Dallin's Preschool party and parade the kids were supposed to dress up like one of God's creations. Dallin dressed up as a Lion. (Again, I forgot my camera that day!)

The Kindergartener's at Emmy's school were supposed to dress up like one of their favorite story book characters. Emmy went as Angelina Ballerina:

Then finally on Halloween night, the girls went trick-or-treating as Dice:
Emily was "Briar Rose" and Dallin was "Batman":
And Tommy was a BAT:

It was a fun couple of weeks. Now we have WAY too much candy in our house! Let the sugar high commence! ;)