Friday, March 27, 2009

Signing our life away...

We just signed the papers and got the keys to our new house today!
As we left the mortgage office I couldn't help but squeal with excitement.
I feel like a 5 year old on Christmas eve. :)
We've been "visiting" our house since we started building it in December. I can't believe it's officially ours now! Here are a few pictures I have taken along the way.

We are planning to move next weekend.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

"My Daddy........Mr. Incredible"

One of Emily's favorite movies right now is "The Incredibles." Whenever Mr. Incredible appears on screen she says, "Mommy look! It's Daddy!"
I have to say I agree with her. To us he is.... "Mr. Incredible!"

Today Joe participated in the Washington D.C. Half Marathon. I, for one, am totally impressed! Not just because he finished but also because he ran 13.1 miles in only 2 hours.

Joe has had a lot on his plate lately with work, church stuff, and trying to find a spare minute here or there to spend with us. I have to say as I think of all the things he does for us...he never ceases to amaze me! Joe is one of those people who is always working toward a goal. But not only that, he doesn't stop until he achieves that goal. He is the one who came up with "RAISE THE BAR" as our family motto. He was really inspired by the conference talk L. Tom Perry gave on this subject and Joe lives by this motto daily. He is not afraid to face difficult obstacles and actually is at his best when he is being challenged and likes to find new ways to challenge himself. He works hard at everything he does whether it's work, church callings, sports, study, or just being a wonderful husband and father.
We feel really lucky to have him as our dad.
We love you Daddy!
Way to go!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Snow Day! :).......and a sick day :(

Yesterday we had another snow day. If I had to guess--probably one of the last. Virginia is known for having pretty mild spring weather. The kids were excited to have a day off of school. They all had a blast playing in the snow. We actually got a pretty good amount too!

Unfortunately Julianne has to take a few extra days off of school due to a bought of strep. She's being a tough little patient though. We all hope she feels better soon.