Monday, March 10, 2008

Brides, Blessings, and Burgers

We have had a crazy couple of weeks, and now we finally have a chance to catch our breath, so I guess it is time to update our blog.

Some of you Utahns have commented that you felt a dark presence in your state last month. (I believe Mike and Rebecca would refer to it as "a disturbance in the force.") It is true that I was in Utah very briefly, along with Jen and Dallin, to attend Jen's brother's wedding. We were in Utah for about 48 hours, which gave us just enough time to go to the wedding, have dinner with my family, and get stuck in a miserable blizzard that reminded us of why we live in a more hospitable locale. We had a great time, but we do wish that we had been able to see more of you all.

When Dallin is being fussy, we let him chill with the 'Pod

Just a week after we got back we had my Dad out for Dallin's blessing. Grandpa was inundated with cards and story requests from the girls, but he was a great sport about it all and we had a wonderful weekend with him out here. We took him to a few museums and a great burger joint (5 Guys - better than In N' Out - hands down). It was great to have him there for the blessing. He has been there for the blessing of all four of our children, and it is a relief to me to have him next to me.

The group from Dallin's blessing: Uncle Steve, Uncle Tony, Grandpa Walker, Me,my good friend Adam (ruining the picture with his U of U tie, and "grandpa" Olsen.

Now we are excited for spring to start! Warm weather, March Madness, the NBA playoffs, the Masters, the Nats new stadium, and graduation are just around the corner. (Can you tell where my focus is?) Let the Games begin!