Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Happy Easter!

We had a nice relaxing Easter! The kids had fun eating all the yummy treats the Easter Bunny brought while we all watched General Conference!
Happy Easter!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Spring Break in Utah!

My parents flew the kids and I to Utah for spring break. We were only there for 3 days but we all had a great time. The kids had a chance to play with cousins and spend time with Grandma and Grandpa Nattress. One of the days we were there Grandpa was particularly generous by watching the kids so Mom and I could go do a little shopping! :) But I have to say the the highlight of our trip had to be a once in a lifetime experience watching the Jazz/Knicks game in floor seats at half court!!!! I'm not kidding!!!! MY FEET WERE ON THE COURT!!!! It was awesome!!!!!!!!
Mom was sweet enough to watch the little kids while Me, Becky, JJ, and my dad went to the game with my brother and his wife and two of my cute nieces.
We started the evening by having dinner in the VIP room at Enery Solutions Arena before the game. Then as if it weren't enough to have such great seats at the game, as we were walking through the tunnel to our seats we saw President Monson!!!! We didn't get to say hello because he was sorrounded by a bunch of people but just the same....there he was....just a few feet away from us! Then we sat in our seats. (Did I mention they were on the floor!:) I watched Deron Williams and Boozer stretch four feet infront of me! I have been to Jazz games before but always in seats clear up in the nose bleed section. I have to say that it is a totally different experience watching a game that close. You feel like you are in the game. You can hear everything the players, coaches, and refs are saying to each other. The game feels so fast watching them sprint up and down the court. It's soooooo cool! Then of course there is everything else that is going on during the game. We had several interactions with the Jazz Bear. He came over and rubbed Becky on the head. He actually picked my dad up and carried him off during the second quarter! (so funny:) Then during half time he took JJ around and introduced her to some of the players, coaches and announcers (including Kyle Korver ;). I know she will never forget it. And neither will the rest of us for that matter!
Below are a few pics!

Becky, JJ, Katie and Annie's feet on the court:

#8 infront of #8 (Becky wearing Deron Williams' jersy with Deron Williams in the background):

I have limited pictures because of course I forgot my own camera! But, as we collect more from my dad and brother I'll post more.

I thought this last picture was so funny though: One of the mornings we were in Utah the kids were riding scooters around my parents neighborhood and Emily put her helmet on backwards. She wouldn't let any of us fix it. I thought it was so funny!